Splinters debut album release, January 2015

This January saw the birth of a new project, Splinters with the release of the album Youth Is Over. You can listen and download it here.

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Test/Proof net release 23/04/14

Today marks the net release of Test/Proof, a collection which contains three autonomous parts, Test/Proof for prepared alto saxophone, Construction for Clarinet a text piece, and Chapel Songs, four improvisations for alto and tenor saxophones.

You can listen to and download it for free here:

test/proof (solo alto saxophone and objects) was an attempt to capture some of the detail of the sounds of the instrument sometimes lost in public performance. The six parts are recorded with close mic-ing in order to bring the listener as much as possible into the audio world of the musician as he plays.  The positioning of the mics also accentuates the way sound is projected from the instrument, the left and right sides separated to some extent in the recording. This affect is accentuated by listening with headphones. A magnifying glass for the sound.  A test, an attempt to show something to the outside, a proof of something existing, having existed.Construction – This text score is influenced by the work of several improvising musicians with whom I have had the opportunity to play with and learn from. The dialogue with and research into the instrument as object has lead me to reflect on the concrete relation of musician and instrument, on how movement and sound production are related and entwined, and on how the organisation of sound (composition) is intrinsically linked to action.

The audio is the first realisation for clarinet solo, recorded in 2011 at the time of writing. It is made up of four movements or parts (1, 2, 2′, 3) relating to different stages of the piece.

Construction proposes to the performer to engage in a physical analysis of the instrument through deconstruction and its reconstitution during and parallel to a musical activity. For many musicians the construction of the instrument is essentially a daily activity before playing. This ritual or chore is in this case interceded by “playing”. By the time the instrument is constructed, the piece is over – or not; the score is divided by parentheses, one of the intentions could be to suggest only possible courses of action or situations.

Chapel Songs – four improvisations with alto and tenor saxophones in a chapel in oxford in 2008.

Test/Proof and Construction for Clarinet, recorded in Budapest, 2011.
Chapel Songs, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonathan McHugh in Oxford, 2008.


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March, April, May.

The Party, a new theatre work directed by Arpad Schilling premiered in Budapest 28th March, 2014 and will play across Europe starting in Brussels on May 10th at Kunstenfestivaldesarts

Le Crocodile Trompeur tours France, Germany and Switzerland in April/May/June.

31 mars et 1er avril 2014 : Théâtre Firmin-Gémier-la Piscine / Chatenay-Malabry
4 et 5 avril 2014 : Sortie Ouest / Béziers
9 et 10 avril 2014 : La Comète / Châlons-en-Champagne
16 et 17 avril 2014 : Théâtre des Salins / Martigues
22 au 24 avril 2014 : le Trident / Cherbourg
29 et 30 avril 2014 : Forum Meyrin / Suisse
12 et 13 mai 2014 : Espace Malraux / Chambéry
16 et 17 mai 2014 : Théâtre de la Renaissance / Oullins
20 et 21 mai 2014 : Théâtre de Villefranche-sur-Saône
26 et 27 mai 2014 : Festival Théâtre en Mai / Théâtre de Dijon
3 au 5 juin 2014 : CNCDC / Chateauvallon
13 et 14 juin 2014 : KunstFestspiele / Hanovre / Allemagne


nsmbl play Son Imaginaire III by Jakob Ullmann, L’Église Saint-Merry, Paris, June 2oth.



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n s m b l live at HCMF

n s m b l


Son Imaginaire III, by Jakob Ullmann

20th November, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.


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rubik.erno.quintet new release – Telling Tales, Live at JazzaJ

the rubik.erno.quintet release their second album on dEN records!


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Konus Quartett à Paris, avec Lawrence Williams, 28/10/13


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Budapest, October 2013

33bw (1 of 1)






WOTO + Rubik live at Muszi, 21st October 8-10pm

Solo alto saxophone, live at Jazzaj, Mika Tivader, 23rd October 8pm

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